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Stop paying bloated fees for services that everyone needs. Our Qualified Independent
Professionals will redefine your bottom line.
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How Hiring

A Nuooler Works

Step 1:   Register for “free” (takes less than a minute)

Step 2:   Conduct a search of nuoolers (review professional profiles)

Step 3:   Find a nuooler that fits your needs

Step 4:   Converse and correspond with the nuooler

Step 5:   Agree to engage

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How To

Become A Nuooler

Step 1:   Must be a U.S. Independent Professional

Step 2:   At least 8 years of work experience in your area of expertise

Step 3:   Fill out your professional profile (which includes obtaining 3 client testimonials from current year) and choose your subscription plan - monthly, quarterly or annually

Step 4:   Pay $75 for third party screening of your credentials

Step 5:   If your credentials check out - you’re approved!

You’re now a nuooler

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At the highest level, nuooly is:
  • A transparent, efficient two-sided marketplace PLUS an engaging community for independent professionals to thrive and grow
  • Targeting business-focused independent profesionals serving the day-to-day needs of businesses (e.g. attorneys, accountants, HR, etc.)
It’s free for registered Clients (companies, organizations, or individuals seeking services). We want businesses of all sizes to thrive by having access to screened, experienced talent at reasonable rates. For prospective nuoolers, for a limited time, we are offering a complimentary subscription and waiving the initial $75 investment to have pertinent professional credentials and work history verified. Ready to join nuooly?
All professional credentials on the nuooler’s profile page will be screened. It includes up to 3 most recent employment assignments within their area of expertise (must be a minimum of 8-years), up to 3 college degrees, and up to 2 professional licenses/certifications. The nuooler can also upload his/her full resume and biographical information for prospective Clients to view.
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